​​​The KlicK Band!


The Klick band appeals to a wide variety of ages and music genre preferences because, like the band itself, their play list is made up of a little bit of everything. According to Chuck Church, band manager and bass player, “Three years ago when the band formed, we considered calling ourselves the ‘Craigslist Band’, because we came together after each guy answered an ad on Craigslist.” The 5-member band is comprised of a mix of various backgrounds and occupations – an electrician, airline pilot, real estate agent, a small business owner and an attorney. Church states, “We soon realized we had very little in common except for our love of music and when we jammed, we just ‘Klicked’! Thus, the name THE KLICK BAND was selected.” Church continues, “Each member of the band strives for perfection in their music. Our biggest compliment came from a fan who said, ‘You guys are great! You sound just like the record!’ Our set list runs the gamut from the Beatles to ZZ Top, and almost everything in between.”

Bio of Chuck Church. Bass player, vocals and band manager

Chuck Church grew up in Amityville, Long Island. He grew up in a musical family, as his Dad played piano for Lawrence Welk and there were Jam secessions at the house most weekends. Chuck was inspired to learn the guitar after seeing the Beatles live at Shay Stadium in NY as a child. All thru High School and College, Chuck played rhythm guitar and piano in various bands in the area. After graduating from USF, Chuck moved to St Louis for his “day” job as a commercial airline pilot, Chuck retired a few years ago, after 40 years as a senior wide body Captain, for American Airlines. Now, he is loving his life as the bass player for the KLICK Band. “This band is fun”.

Bio of David "Flew" Flewelling. Drummer and vocals.

“Flew “, was born in San Diego, California 61 years old, been playing drums since he was 10 yrs. old. Played in local bands including ‘The people movers’, which was a San Diego legend for having the best players in town and producing the lead singer for Chicago, and the top LA studio bass player, Nathan East. Dave then went on the road and played all over the world in shows and bands ‘coast to coast’ and later ‘NRG’. Locations include England, France, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and all over the USA. Played on the road again with Willy Nelson in Hollywood, Florida, opened for Glen Campbell, Rod Stewart, Sheryl crow, Chicago, and Wynona Judd. Played "You’ll never find" with Lou Rawls, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Flew is married, with 2 kids, and has been living in Sarasota for 3 yrs. He loves singing and playing with the Klick Band, the first all all guy band since he was 17.