Hello from The Klick Band! We hope you are well! We are now a trio. The trio consists of Doug, Chuck and Dave(Flew). We are excited to see all of our friends and followers. Thanks! The Klick Band

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1/22 - Friday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

1/15 - Friday - Mattison's Riverwalk Grille - Bradenton - 7pm To 10pm

1/30 - Saturday - Private Party

2/6 - Saturday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

2/12 - Friday - Riviera Dunes - 6pm To 9pm

2/19 - Friday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

2/26 - Friday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

3/6 - Saturday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

3/12 - Friday - Riviera Dunes - 6pm To 9pm

3/19 - Friday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

3/26 - Friday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

4/3 - Saturday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

​4/7 - Thursday - Private Party

4/9 - Friday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm

4/23 - Friday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm




1/2 - Saturday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm
1/8 - Friday - Mattison's City Grille - Sarasota - 8pm To 11:45pm
1/9 - Saturday - Riviera Dunes - 6pm To 9pm


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The Klick Band!

Songs with a Hearbeat!

About the band

Inspired by early Rock and Roll legends of the 60's and 70's and 80's, The members of The Klick Band grew up determined to learn and play and sing every note and word to their favorite songs on the radio. They cultivated their skills at school dances and teen clubs. Then on to nightclubs and corporate events in their hometowns. Now in Florida, they  have come together to ROCK THE SUNCOAST!!!

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Some Vanue Reviews of The Klick Band (All 5 out if 5 stars):

These guys were GREAT! They had the entire club dancing alive! Everyone enjoyed this band and we are definately booking them very often! Thank you Klick for an AWESOME EVENT!! We look forward to having you guys back again! -The Bradenton Y, Palmetto, FL (gig ID# 3434578)

Such a fun time, best band we've had by far... -Loretta R, Sarasota, FL (gig ID# 3511282)

They are great and easy to work with! Review by Greg C. From Sarasota Fl. on 10/16/2018        

Always performs at a high level, plays to the crowd, just an awesome band all around. Proud to have them play for us. Review by John H. From Sarasota Fl. on 9/25/2018

The Klick Band is a very talented, professional group. The music is diverse, guests love to dance to their music. They are booked here regularly; always a crowd pleaser! .Review  by Liz F. From Bradenton Fl. on 7/21/2018

​Hare are a few Fan Reviews!

​Hi! Please add me to your email list. I catch you guys as often as I can, I think you're one of the best bands around. Can't stay seated when you play - just gotta dance! P.S. This website is great, very professional. I learned a lot about you all, very impressive! by C 7/16/2020

 Just want to be alerted of where your next event is in Bradenton/Sarasota. Really enjoy your music and you're all great guys.  by B 8/09/2020

0ok so my girls are having separation anxiety and a bout of klickbanditis!!!!!! When and where will you be playing, if you know. We are all eager to get back to seeing you and dancing the night away! Until then hope all is well with all of you and stay safe.....just don't move away on us ! LOL. by K 5/2020

What a great band! We had a great evening at the DockSide with this band! by CM

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